MASTER DHS Dynamic Headspace Sampler

The DANI MASTER DHS system provides the headspace sampling of liquid or solid matrices, located in a sealed and thermostatted vial, through the constant sweeping of the volatiles by a flow of carrier gas.

The use of a dual-needle design enables to transfer the volatiles to a narrow-bore packed trap filled with one or more sorbent materials, and kept at low temperature. After refocusing the volatiles, the trap is heated and the compounds are introduced, by means of a heated transfer line, directly into the GC injection port. In addition, by simply exchanging the needle the MASTER DHS can be operated in Purge & Trap mode.

The volatiles present in the headspace are purged by an inert gas flow, efficiently trapped, refocused and subsequently injected into the GC injection port.

The combination of the MASTER DHS to the MASTER AS Automatic Sampler, a robotic X-Y-Z coordinate sampler, provides precise and accurate sampling, increasing sample throughput and improving analysis performance.