MASTER GC Fast Gas Chromatograph

DANI MASTER GC offers a new approach to the world of gas chromatography by dramatically decreasing sample run times in a wide range of GC applications.

Faster than a conventional GC, DANI MASTER GC increases analytical productivity with an excellent sensitivity. The modular design of the components allows to easily change or upgrade any GC configurations. Up to three injection units and three detectors can be mounted simultaneously. A complete accessibility of the whole system allows easy maintenance and a real cost reduction.

An intuitive Touch Screen interface controls both the GC and AS with an ultimate simplicity. DANI MASTER GC replaces the complicated keypad user interface with a user friendly, large, full colour Touch screen which avoids a continuous “up and down” among the multiple levels and simplifies the use of the operating manual.

DANI MASTER GC includes a complete range of injectors and in particular DANI PTV ensures unprecedented sample integrity and supports the stringent timing requirements of FAST GC through a rapid cool down.