MASTER TD Thermal Desorber

Thermal Desorption technique is becoming the alternative method to traditional solvent extraction offering many advantages like a considerable increase in sensitivity (up to 1000-10000 times), a higher percentage recovery (over 95% for all volatile substances), a reduced sample handling and the reuse of the sampling tubes which decreases the costs.

Without the use of solvents, the thermal desorption eliminates the introduction of impurities into the column by masking the peaks of interest. This minimizes the negative effects in the environment, safeguards the operators' health and eliminates considerable solvents costs.

DANI MASTER TD guarantees excellent analysis performances by using a two-stage thermal desorption process: the volatile and semi-volatile compounds (up to C44) are desorbed from the sample by heating in a flow of inert gas and refocused in a narrow-bore packed trap kept a low temperature and filled with one or more sorbent materials. The trap is heated instantaneously and the components are introduced in a narrow band directly into the analytical column through a heated transfer line. The electrical cooling device of the trap, able to cool down to -40°C, is included in the MASTER TD. Used with suitable sorbet material it allows focusing even of extremely volatile compounds. Cooling is very fast and no cryogenic liquid is required.