FS 3100

The Flow Solution™ FS 3100 Automated Chemistry Analyzer is a modular system for performing continuous flow analysis methods on water samples, soil, or plant extracts and digests using FIA or SFA techniques. The FS 3100 consists of an X-Y-Z autosampler (90 or 360 position), multi-channel precision pump, electrically-actuated sample injection valve, VersaChem Multi-Test Manifold™, and Expanded Range™ photometric or amperometric detector.

The FS 3100 supports two channels for FIA methods and three channels for SFA methods, minimizing the time involved in changing chemistries for different analytes.

FSCN 3100

The CNSolution™ Cyanide Analyzer is a compact, modular system for performing flow injection cyanide analysis on drinking water samples and wastewater samples from mining, metal plating, and other industrial operations. The CNSolution consists of a 90-position random access X-Y-Z autosampler, a multi-channel precision pump, an electrically-actuated sample injection valve, a VersaChem reaction manifold, and an amperometric detector.

The CNSolution measures available cyanide by a ligand-exchange, gas diffusion technique coupled with high sensitivity amperometric detection in accordance with USEPA method OIA-1677 and ASTM D6888-04.

An optional in-line UV Digestion module allows total cyanide analysis to be performed without a separate distillation step, reducing analysis time from hours to minutes.

The CNSolution can be equipped with a photometric detector for laboratories measuring total cyanide in post-distillation samples by USEPA method 335.4. This configuration can be supplied with a Midi-distillation system for simultaneous distillation of up to 10 samples.